Meet The Founder

The founder is I, Jaydee Ramirez

I'm Hispanic and love being creative. All T-shirt designs are made by me. I have a preference for roses, that explains a part in my brand.  I have always been a shy women struggling with social anxiety so this is a way of expressing myself. I like to express myself throught art. And putting my art in tshirts or clothing is something meaningful for me because then i get to see people wearing my designs and show them out to the world.

I created Valerossa with a simple goal in mind; to design and create high-quality clothing and accessories for both men and women that make them feel confident. Growing up I was bullied a lot, but what got me through was focusing on fun, positive quotes and sayings. That feeling is exactly what I want you to feel when you put on Valerossa designs! 

You see, I believe your clothes should reflect and amplify the best parts of your personality.



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