What message does VALEROSSA bring

Valerossa wants to be as real as it is in the real world. A lot of people protect themselves in different ways if they're bullied or if they're the ones doing the bullying. I was bullied almost all my years of school up until highschool and it was upsetting that I couldn't say anything about it. You should ignore most haters, but not all of them. Why? A hater can have so much hate that if you don’t say anything the hater might never stop. We don’t want you to stay closed doors

I don't only do inspirational designs i also try to do designs that can relate with people going through a hard time. Some people are afriad to speak up. I was once one of those people. So i thought tshirts can speak out for you. Alot of times people will think oh thats just a tshirt. Mmm not necessarily because do you ever go look at stuff in the store or your driving a car and see a sign that says “you got this” and your going through a tough time and if you see that sign your gonna think “yea i do got this” so its just these little things that can make a person keep going to keep moving forward. And thats what i want in my brand Valerossa

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